20 November 2014

Making Your Phone Number Easy to Recall

It is imperative that you make the phone number of your business memorable. After all, not all your customers will have your phone number printed out as they make a call. This is especially true for long 1300 or 1800 numbers.

When you make your phone number easy to recall, you’ll see the number of callers hitting up your phone skyrocket, and you’ll widen your profit margins. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help customers memorise your number faster:

Phone Words

Take a good look at your existing number. Is there a way you can spell out a word using the numbers and letters on the keypad? Phone words are a great way to help people memorise phone numbers. If possible, try to make a phone word that captures what your business is about or what you can offer

Catchy Ads

Do you have a radio ad segment? If so, create an advertisement that features your phone number and a catchy jingle. By associating a tune to your phone number, it makes it easier to recall. This method is much more effective if you combine it with a phone word.

If you have some airtime, try to make an ad that is funny. Humorous situations are easy to remember, especially if your ad can execute it perfectly. Once again, you improve the chances of people remembering your phone number through association.

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